[LinuxBIOS] still no luck on smartcore-p5

Kjell Svensson lists at endian.se
Thu May 19 20:56:59 CEST 2005

Thanks a million Ron!
I'll try this image as soon as i get back into the lab tomorrow. I 
haven't had time to try your memtest suggestion yet either but I'll try 
that as well then. I know where to get memtest86, and I've used it 
before - no problem.
Ultimately, my goal is to generate a 256kB image that I can use to 
"upgrade" the 256kB BIOS:es supplied by DigitalLogic, but at this point 
your 512kB image should be just fine since I've got that size of 
flashes in stock in the lab.

Since my last tries, I have only been able to come up with the 
following ideas:
- Im using gcc 3.3.2, could this be a too new toolset? Any point in 
trying 2.95.x?
- I noticed in the example config files that the etherboot image was 
suffixed .ebi, is this in anyway a different elf format than the one 
coming out of the linker after a normal build?? I have tried both 
building FILO and Etherboot myself, and also downloaded an etherboot 
from their rom-o-matic website which builds on-line, and to me the 
resulting elf files seems equivalent...


On 19 maj 2005, at 16:45, Ronald G. Minnich wrote:

> no guarantees, but this might be it.
> it's a 512KB image. What size rom do you have?
> ron<smartcore.rom>

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