[LinuxBIOS] Save the trees!

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Sun Dec 4 19:24:36 CET 2005


after the LinuxBIOS tree was in a quasi permanent state of adaption
during the last two months, it is getting to a state where we need heavy 
testing and reporting from users out there.

Ron, Ollie, Yinghai and me have been trying to do some heavy fixing 
to get things going again, and the result can be seen here:


Now no more than three (3!) mainboards fail compilation:


The next step should be to switch more mainboards over to cache as ram
(especially the agami/aruma, which fails due to lack of registers in
romcc) and, again, to test the current tree. Please go ahead and try any 
supported systems you have access to and send reports to this list, or
to me.

Best regards,


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