epia m vga + memcpy update

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Tue Sep 14 07:33:00 CEST 2004

Hello from Gregg C Levine
Funny you should be bringing that up now.
HP is holding a road show on the state of the art as applied to the
Alpha, and relatives, here in NYC, tomorrow Wednesday the 15.

They have already told me, that the EV7z processors will stay active
at least until something runs out. Figure about the next ten years.
The original blue Alphas, are supported, I mean you can call them and
ask for support for parts, and manuals, but that's it.
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> Subject: Re: epia m vga + memcpy update
> * Li-Ta Lo <ollie at lanl.gov> [040913 21:35]:
> > > Another one is Milo, the Alpha Linux Bootloader..
> >
> > Is there anyone still working on that ? I thought Alpha is dead
> >
> > Ollie
> Not really.. the last couple of years only me and Jay Estabrook were
> working on Milo anyways. It is a big nasty bunch of code that noone
> really wants to touch.
> I still have the plans to use the last few code snippets that are
> to get OpenBIOS as a simple bootloader for AlphaBIOS/ARCS based
> machines. Like, the PAL code and some early init should still be
> all kernel linkage must be removed.
> No idea whether I will actually get to do this before everybody
> using these machines though ;)
> My own Alpha machine is SRM based, so I have no immediate pressure
> testing possibilities anyways.
> Stefan
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