Native LinuxBios Support

Mathieu Deschamps mdeschamps at
Fri May 28 10:45:01 CEST 2004

Thanks Stefan for your answer,

Le ven 28/05/2004 à 16:55, Stefan Reinauer a écrit :
> * Mathieu Deschamps <mdeschamps at> [040528 16:06]:
> > I've rere-reread  LinuxBios port to AMD64 guide during some
> > documentation making.
> If you or anyone else have additions to this document, let me know. It
> waits desperately for more detailed explanations and restructuring in
> many places.
> > Linuxbios is supposed to support "Trident Cyberblade 3d" natively
> > and I have a Cyberblade/i1 rev 6a in my chipset...
> > Please don't tell me that I've spend time making it work, though
> > it isn't really, while there is a native support ?!?
> I have no idea whether the Cyberblade i1 and 3d are the same. If your
> device has the following PCI id it is the same:
>         .vendor = 0x1023,
>         .device = 0x9880,

I've check my device out it is :
 1023 : 8500
oh. It may be compromised.

> The Cyberblade code is not working though. If it would work, you would
> not even need to set CONFIG_VGABIOS to get something on the screen.
> It might be as simple as adding a delay to the outp() function but I
> have no idea. It is enabled in the newisys/khepri build. I added some 
> debug output to the driver.
It is a way out for me.. and for others as you say below.

In what part of the code is this writing outp() ? It is not in vgabios.c
is it ? 
i say that that because i believe it was a common file for every
thanks again.
> If you have some time, feel free to fix the cyberblade code. This would
> be valuable for quite some AMD64 systems, including the Newisys 2100 and
> Sun Fire V20z display.
> Stefan

For the time being, i'am at writing doc and well
this is a needed step, first it helps me understand in the whole,
second i've been ordered to do so.

I would gladly help ... what I could is bringing my doc to you and
LinuxBios people.
But I write it in french since i'll prepare a 'conference'  at
my university based upon it: hey, my intented audience is frenchy.

Moreover, i've led it as a study of project, well sure that's no 
a burden it but for example it's a bit offside the way you 
present the topic in your doc.

But it is detailled, stuffed with example and very newbie friendly, 
at least I could swear :) Though it need some reform to fit your

Listen, if you or anyone is interested in it, knowing that and, 
is a somewhat good french to english translator I'll share with'
glad to have a early point of view ... and correction.


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