Native LinuxBios Support

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Fri May 28 09:34:01 CEST 2004

* Mathieu Deschamps <mdeschamps at> [040528 16:06]:
> I've rere-reread  LinuxBios port to AMD64 guide during some
> documentation making.
If you or anyone else have additions to this document, let me know. It
waits desperately for more detailed explanations and restructuring in
many places.

> Linuxbios is supposed to support "Trident Cyberblade 3d" natively
> and I have a Cyberblade/i1 rev 6a in my chipset...
> Please don't tell me that I've spend time making it work, though
> it isn't really, while there is a native support ?!?
I have no idea whether the Cyberblade i1 and 3d are the same. If your
device has the following PCI id it is the same:
        .vendor = 0x1023,
        .device = 0x9880,

The Cyberblade code is not working though. If it would work, you would
not even need to set CONFIG_VGABIOS to get something on the screen.
It might be as simple as adding a delay to the outp() function but I
have no idea. It is enabled in the newisys/khepri build. I added some 
debug output to the driver.

If you have some time, feel free to fix the cyberblade code. This would
be valuable for quite some AMD64 systems, including the Newisys 2100 and
Sun Fire V20z display.


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