EPIA-M startup times

John Laur johnl at blurbco.com
Thu May 13 13:31:01 CEST 2004

If you have VGA correctly working with LinuxBIOS (Ie you see the
linuxbios logo on startup), then you have VGA working as best it does
with LinuxBIOS.

Then you can worry about the kernel. VESA Framebuffer does not work with
EPIA-M as the VGA bios doesn't initialize the video card up to where
vesafb can take over. You have to use viafb (part of the -epia patchset)
to get video on the console. Make sure you have it compiled into the
kernel and not as a module. Make sure vesafb is NOT compiled in either,
otherwise you'll need some commandline trickery to make it work. Also,
viafb doesn't work with bootsplash in silent mode on kernel 2.4 if you
are using that. I have not tested with kernel 2.6.


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> OK, I finally timed my ME-6000.  It takes about 20 seconds to get to
> init scripts.  Even though I have the framebuffer support compiled
> 2.6.4, the kernel doesn't ever see the vesafb device.  Although the
> kernel sees it from award bios boot.
> I'm using Linuxbios V1, cvs 050504, filo 4.1, 2.6.4 with patches.
> Is it possible something isn't set right in filo or LB?  I have
> option HAVE_FRAMEBUFFER=1 in linuxbios config.
> Any help is appreciated.  Thanks to all who contributed.
> M.R.
> >From: "Dmitry Borisov" <jbors at mail.ru>
> >To: <Linuxbios at clustermatic.org>
> >Subject: EPIA-M startup times
> >Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 19:34:00 -0700
> >
> >Guys,
> >Just wanted to have your estimate about startup times for EPIA-M
> >ATM it takes about 9 secs to go to payload. 7 secs to go to splash.
> >seems to be really high values.
> >Does anyone can say what it would be if everything is "perfect" ?
> >How much time at minimum the BIOS can take assuming RAM, VGA and PCI
> >initialized properly ?
> >
> >If the answer would be 4 secs in ideal case, I'll invest some time to
> >tighten it up... If 9 secs is a minimum, then...
> >
> >Any suggestions ?
> >Dmitry/
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