A bit OT: external equipment for writing...

Hendricks David W. dwh at lanl.gov
Tue Mar 30 15:44:01 CEST 2004

The 49LF008A was added to flash_rom just recently. You should be able to 
use any mainboard with the appropriate socket and one of these 
southbridges: SiS630, SiS5595, Intel E7500, VIA VT8231, VIA VT8235, AMD 
SC1100, AMD CS5530, AMD 8111.

The AMDSC1100 was the southbridge on some GX1 based boards we used here 
at the Lab a while back. I'm uncertain whether flash_rom will work with 
whatever is on your GX2 based board, but it might be worth a try. If it 
doesn't work, you can probably grab a cheap mainboard off pricewatch.com 
and use flash_rom anyway. Beats paying hundreds for specialized hardware 
plus some rediculous amount for an MS Windows license :)

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Vic Berdin wrote:

> Hi,
> This maybe the wrong list to post this but since you guys are into
> the field of creating your own BIOSware, I would like to ask if 
> anyone knows of a device or equipment (connected via stadard PC port) 
> that may be used in order to write data into a BIOS chip?
> I am currently scouring the net for any material (software/hardware)
> that can aid me in safely replacing the BIOSware on an SST49LF008A
> FWH that socketted on an AMD GX2-based target board.
> The said board and SST chip is not (yet) supported (or listed) by 
> this project.
> However, our goal is to replace the existing BIOSware with Linux.
> TIA - Vic
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