A bit OT: external equipment for writing...

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> The 49LF008A was added to flash_rom just recently. You should be able to 
> use any mainboard with the appropriate socket and one of these 
> southbridges: SiS630, SiS5595, Intel E7500, VIA VT8231, VIA VT8235, AMD 
> SC1100, AMD CS5530, AMD 8111.

This is good news! My companion southbridge chip however is an AMDCS5535. 
Will this bring about problems? Anyways, I'll checkout the recent updates
from CVS and try to give this a shot. Any other info are very much welcome.

> The AMDSC1100 was the southbridge on some GX1 based boards we used here 
> at the Lab a while back. I'm uncertain whether flash_rom will work with 
> whatever is on your GX2 based board, but it might be worth a try. If it 
> doesn't work, you can probably grab a cheap mainboard off pricewatch.com 
> and use flash_rom anyway. Beats paying hundreds for specialized hardware 
> plus some rediculous amount for an MS Windows license :)

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