EPIA-M "Magic Potion"?

John Laur johnl at blurbco.com
Sun Mar 28 23:00:01 CEST 2004

Dave, Ron, Dmitry,

The patches Dave sent were great! The earlysetup.inc successfully gets
VGA going (the pci hard reset is not necessary in my configuration), and
the flash application helped me realize what a POS this winbond flash
chip in my RD1-PL is... The automatic verification in the tool is very
useful. Thank you, Dave.

I am happy to put together patches to current CVS providing I can get
something working well. Dmitry has just sent a patch for splash that
hopefully will help me set some things up so that I can hand over to
vesafb or viafb. Dmitry, did I see somewhere that you had a patch for
making viafb work correctly when compiled into the kernel? 2.6
vesafb+vm86d might also be a possibility to get framebuffer init that I
will investigate after exhausting alternatives. Anyway, if I can
consolidate all these patches, I'll make a unified one that can
hopefully fix CVS if that is OK with everybody.

Anyway, on to the last current problems:

Even though the sytem is more functional, I still can't do much;
however, because my PCI devices still do not seem to be getting assigned
IRQ's. Is there something I'm just missing here like a kernel patch, or
maybe there is still something else that is not in the current freebios

Next, is there a way to hardcode the amount of ram in v1? I know
autodetection does not work, but even if I could just manually have the
machine set up the full 512MB that would help me a lot until the v2 port

I will try working with Dmitry's changes that he has sent this evening
and post results soon. I'm hoping I'll find the IRQ problems..

Thanks again, everyone for all the help!


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> Ron says:
> >dave, can you send me a diff -u and I'll apply that patch.
> Between what and what? Your source and my source have forked
> apart. A human has to step in and integrate the changes. I certainly
> have time to do it. In fact I had thought when I passed my patch back
> this group July 2003 my version would have been integrated. If I send
> a patch now, maybe that will just gather dust again and we'll have to
> through this all again later.
> Meanwhile I explained in the email what had to be patched and how,
> with that. This should get VGA working at least. Maybe that's all
> left. Note I'm not actually building the latest cvs version of
> I just looked at the files and saw the vga init code wasn't there.
> -Dave
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