EPIA-M "Magic Potion"?

Dave Ashley linuxbios at xdr.com
Sun Mar 28 19:30:00 CEST 2004

Ron says:

>dave, can you send me a diff -u and I'll apply that patch.

Between what and what? Your source and my source have forked hopelessly
apart. A human has to step in and integrate the changes. I certainly don't
have time to do it. In fact I had thought when I passed my patch back to
this group July 2003 my version would have been integrated. If I send you
a patch now, maybe that will just gather dust again and we'll have to go
through this all again later.

Meanwhile I explained in the email what had to be patched and how, start
with that. This should get VGA working at least. Maybe that's all that's
left. Note I'm not actually building the latest cvs version of linuxbios,
I just looked at the files and saw the vga init code wasn't there.


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