Quick Offlist Question

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Mon Mar 15 22:14:00 CET 2004

James Weir wrote:

> Hi All,
> A little off-list but I am sure someone on the list will probably be able to
> help.  I am looking to set up a PC104+ system for high performance frame
> grabbing (MPEG or M-JPEG Compression) and have been looking at various
> processor cards ranging from 233/300MHz Geode processors to Transmeta Crusoe
> type boards with speeds of 533/800MHz have any of you guys and gals used
> these sorts of boards and if so how have you found the performance, and
> secondly has anyone used linuxbios on these boards to help speed up the
> boot.

I'd build my own for the application, but for low volume off the shelf, 
look at a board like:


Up to 800 MHz Via Eden CPU + Savage4 Video for MPEG playback. 800MHz may 
be fast enough for XviD or MPEG encoding at your target resolution.


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