LinuxBIOS and Win2K

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Sat Jun 26 13:32:00 CEST 2004


Mike Shields here. I am new to the list and to LinuxBIOS in general. I have
searched the list archives and have read Adam Agnew's (et al) paper on
booting Win2K on top of the stackable Open Source BIOS, as well as several
other papers by William Arbaugh and coauthors on secure booting and secure

I am a consultant for SPAWAR (part of the US Navy) working on a project to
make USN computers running windows more secure. I have been asked to give a
short presentation to some SPAWAR and FNMOC people on June 29th as part of a
project conference. The points I need to cover are the differences between
current BIOS and LinuxBIOS and the advantages of the latter. We are trying
to convince Dell (SPAWAR has a huge contract with Dell to supply computers
to the navy) to give us the information to port LinuxBIOS to their systems.
One misconception I must deal with is that many people think Windows won't
load over LinuxBIOS (I have Adam's paper showing otherwise).

I know very little about LinuxBIOS other than what I have read on, my scans of the archive, and a short paper form Nicholus
Andrews at Linux Labs. I was hoping to get some success stories on booting
windows on top of LinuxBIOS, or other information I could use in my short

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