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Michael Robinson mrobinson at
Fri Jun 25 17:45:01 CEST 2004

I'd have to get the board before I can figure out what kind of input 
signal its using and how the board is controlling it through its SPD 
interface.  The chip can accept two digital signals and one variable 
voltage signal as input (which must be RGB to output LVDS).  If the 7019 
is using the variable voltage input than it's probably just pulling the 
video right off of the CLE266's VGA port (RGB).  Since the VIA VT1622A 
(TV Encoder) only accepts YCrCb (whatever this is) and RGB, it seems 
like the only thing that would make sense for the CLE266 to output would 
be VGA (that way it can use one signal for the VGA port, TV encoder, and 
the LVDS transmitter).  In this scenario the standard VGA driver with a 
driver to control the 7019 should work (in theory).  The only other 
signal the 7019 could possibly accept is a digital signal (which I doubt 
the CLE266 can output, or would choose to output due to the above 
mentioned facts).

Michael Robinson
mrobinson at

Bari Ari wrote:

> The data sheet:
> The 7019 is controlled via SPD so if you can access the SPD bus to the 
> 7019 you should be able to make use of the SiS driver source. That may 
> get you part of the way there. To get everything you want done you may 
> need to get the full data sheet.
> -Bari
> Michael Robinson wrote:
>> Well, it seems that the SiS driver supports it, just search for 7019 
>> (all references to it in Google are without the "A") on this page:  
>>  So it must be fairly easy to 
>> port the code to the VIA, although the SiS driver most likely takes 
>> into account that the BIOS contains display information.  All 
>> references to the 7019 go to the SiS driver, it must be the only one 
>> that implements the LVDS interface.

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