DiskOnChip Questions

Larry Matter linuxbios at matter.net
Fri Jun 25 01:52:01 CEST 2004

> what
> does the DiskOnChip provide to the LinuxBIOs project that the standard
> flash chip can't?

More than 2 megabits of storage.

> My second is that I'm going to be using the VIA EPIA
> MII motherboard which has a PLCC BIOS, as far as I can tell PLCC
> DiskOnChips aren't very readily available.  Should I use a DIP to PLCC
> adapter; how did the other people who used this board do it?

The trend seems to be NOT to use DiskOnChip but rather a CF <> IDE
adapter.  Using FILO you can boot from the CF.

> My final
> question is how do I pick the size of the DiskOnChip.

So if you're going to go for the CF <> IDE, then it just needs to be as
big as your root partition (or even just an initrd).   There are many
other alternatives depending on network, disk, etc.

And if you've been following this list for a bit you'll know that you
can't (yet) boot off of the CF adapter on the EPIA MII.

One last word of advice, get a bios savior.


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