DiskOnChip Questions

Michael Robinson mrobinson at fuzzymuzzle.com
Thu Jun 24 18:31:00 CEST 2004

Hey guys,

Please bear with me, I have some questions that are probably pretty 
basic but I can't find the answers anywhere.  My first question is what 
does the DiskOnChip provide to the LinuxBIOs project that the standard 
flash chip can't?  My second is that I'm going to be using the VIA EPIA 
MII motherboard which has a PLCC BIOS, as far as I can tell PLCC 
DiskOnChips aren't very readily available.  Should I use a DIP to PLCC 
adapter; how did the other people who used this board do it?  My final 
question is how do I pick the size of the DiskOnChip.  What is 
LinuxBIOS's typical size requirement; do motherboards have a maximum 
BIOS size limitation?  If BIOSs do have a maximum size limitation how do 
I figure it out, VIA says says the BIOS for my board is 2/4Mbit flash 
memory.  Sorry if these seem very basic.

Michael Robinson
mrobinson at fuzzymuzzle.com

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