EPIA V-series tv out questions

Paul de Bruin P.W.deBruin at ewi.tudelft.nl
Wed Jan 21 04:40:00 CET 2004

Hi all,

I am working on a project involving an epia-v box (the 533MHz, fanless
ones).  For our application it is important that the tv out is disabled
during the booting sequence and enabled at a later point. Unfortunately,
the machine's bios does not have an option to disable tv out.

Enter LinuxBios. A bios saviour is on order, and in the mean time I am
hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction or has
experience with the following:

1. If the original vgabios is not included with linuxbios, is it
   possible to initialise the graphics card and tv out after booting
   using tridentfb/epiafb and the tvtool from
   http://epiafb.sourceforge.net ?

2. If the original vgabios is included, will it automatically enable
   tv out at boot time?

3. With the vgabios, is it possible to use vesafb?

4. Does anyone have experience with "tweaking" the vgabios, for example 
   to disable the automatic tv detection?

Any help and/or info is greatly appreciated,

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