LinuxBIOS questions

Armijn Hemel armijn at
Thu Jan 22 08:40:00 CET 2004

hello all,

for the Dutch Linux Magazine ( I'm writing an
article about open source hardware and LinuxBIOS is one of the projects
I will mention. I have a question which does not seem to be answered
in the FAQ.

Do I really need to remove the normal BIOS from a machine, insert a ZIF
socket, etc.? I read an article (British Linux Magazine) which suggests
that you always have to, but when I read the LinuxBIOS pages I start
to wonder...

If it's not the case, any chance that LinuxBIOS will work for a Dell
Optiplex GX1 system (Intel 440BX PIIX4e chipset)? I already took a look
and you can't remove the BIOS, which I'd like to have replaced, because
it freaks me out and has wasted hours of precious time.


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