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Richard Smith rsmith at
Mon Jan 12 15:39:01 CET 2004

ron minnich wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Richard Smith wrote:

> component. For many reasons, this is much safer than just running the BIOS 
> directly. 
> But you do what that screen on boot so we will start pushing that harder. 

Yeah.  This system is going to boot from a compact flash thats 
replaceable so if it gets hosed and won't boot then I need some sort of 
info on the screen to indicate failue rather than haveing to have a tech 
sent out to the site to connect up a serial console to determine the issue.

> I could use your help on this, since we do get some problems with some 
> cards. 
>>Will it be of use to boot
>>the board up headless and run the emulator to see what happens?
> That would be the right way to start. 

Ok.  Is that in the stock freebios module or a seperate module?  Have 
you tested it compiling against uclibc?  I guess I can compile static to 
start with if I need to.

> I think in the long term the emulator is the way to go, and possibly in 
> the short term too.

How much work do you see coming to add the emulator into LB?

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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