Trouble with etherboot-5.2.2

Dave Ashley linuxbios at
Wed Jan 7 10:19:01 CET 2004

I wrote:

>rhine disable
>ROM segment 0x0001 length 0x0000 reloc 0x00020000

Ok, this message "ROM segment..." is coming from the new etherboot 5.2.2,
so it looks like linuxbios is out of the picture. I'll start going on a
printf fest and see where it is failing in etherboot.

Eric: Thanks for the idea of doing it this way, it speeds up development a
lot, having last known good load the new etherboot. Now the cycle is
compile, copy file, reset machine, see what I got, instead of
compile, copyfile to box, enter box, flash bootrom, reboot, see what I got,
   switch to safe bootrom, reboot.


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