Trouble with etherboot-5.2.2

Dave Ashley linuxbios at
Wed Jan 7 10:05:01 CET 2004

Eric wrote:

>Easy things to try.
>1) load the new etherboot with the old etherboot, over the network.
>   That should confirm that the code actually works.
>2) Play with RELOCADDR in etherboot so we don't trigger the bounce
>   buffer case.

I tried #2 first, I put RELOCADDR=0x80000 and that didn't trigger the bounce
code but it still locked up. Then I tried #1 where I serve the via-rhine.elf
file from 5.2.2 to etherboot 5.0.10. I get this:
Searching for server (BOOTP)...
.Me:, Server:, Gateway
Loading ...(ELF)... ................done
rhine disable
ROM segment 0x0001 length 0x0000 reloc 0x00020000

This is a lot easier to experiment with since I don't have to burn bootroms.
I'll keep working on it. All I'm trying to get is some sign of life from
etherboot 5.2.2 that it loaded correctly.


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