vgabios.c and vgachip.h removed

Richard Smith smithbone69 at
Mon Dec 27 15:13:00 CET 2004

--- Li-Ta Lo <ollie at> wrote:

> am working on porting the x86emu into LinuxBIOS.


You need to join forces with some of the developers on
the framebuffer list.  About 2 months ago a developer
from SciTech Soft (Who wrote and maintains a good
portion of x86emu) posted to the framebuffer
describing their port of x86emu to the linux kernel
and asking if the community was interested in
including it into general distribution.

This of course spawned a large debate.  I'll spare you
the details.

The short of the matter is that somebody did a lot of
work on reducing the size of the emulator and made a
huge difference by refactoring the layering on how the
instructions are emulated.

So its probally worth your while to go read the
framebuffer list archives and see if anything else
happened on that and ask for a copy since it already
has things like stdlib dependence removed.

Since died I haven't signed back up to
all  the mailing lists.

If you can't find it let me know and I'll dig up the
people you need to contact.


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