vgabios.c and vgachip.h removed

Yinghai Lu yhlu at
Mon Dec 27 17:45:01 CET 2004


It seems that there some allocate resource for vga...stuff, and main focus
is to fix the mem io to some range and enable the io for vga.

For the first one, I suggest you to create one driver for the VGA device,
and it could override the read_resource of pci_read_resource to return fixed
mem resource.

Then the MB could include the "driver ....."



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Is there any one actually using the pc80/vgabios.c and pc80/vgachip.h?
The two files should not be in the pc80 directory because they have
too much via/epia dependence. I just removed these two files and
am working on porting the x86emu into LinuxBIOS.


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