epia problem

Luc Belliveau luc at bigdata.nb.ca
Thu Dec 2 18:02:01 CET 2004

I compiled from freebios2 from cvs, when I boot all I get back from the 
serial port is:

LinuxBIOS- <date> starting..
vt8601 init starting
Slot 00 is SDRAM 04000000 bytes x2
Slot 01 is empty
Slot 02 is empty
Slot 03 is empty
vt8601 is done

that's it.  I tried changing the DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL but when I do 
that the resulting rom stops at Slot 00 is SDRAM 04000000 bytes x2.

I can't add uses DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL or option 
DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL in the Config.lb file either, the buildtarget 
scripts shuns it.

I'm using FILO as the payload, with no vga bios yet.

Could it be a FILO problem?  I've never seen linuxBIOS before yesterday 
so I don't know what should be appearing on the terminal..

Any assistance would be appreciated :)


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