I?m novice

Vincent Touquet vincent at ulyssis.org
Mon Mar 31 02:07:01 CEST 2003

On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 08:15:08AM +0100, Philippe CABANNES wrote:
>I?m novice, and i?m trying to follow the instructions of the Epia?s   
>How to file.                                                          
>I can?t execute the config tool. My file is named "NLBConfig.py,v" ,  
>why is there the ",v" at the end of the file? is it normal?           
>It gives me a mistake at the first line, so i don?t think this is this
>way it works.                                                        

The ,v means it is a versioned file, straight from CVS.
You shouldn't have such files if you check the files
out of CVS properly: these files only live inside the CVS
repository (maybe you just "downloaded" them from the
CVS repository without checking them out with the CVS
tools ?).

Its also possible to strip the ,v file back to a
normal file using the cvs tools, but I don't know
it by hard unfortunately.

best regards,

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