Linuxbios: Booting linux from flash IDE drive on epia boards?

Jeff Noxon jeff at
Sat Aug 23 14:53:01 CEST 2003

The only EPIA boards working close to 100% right now are the original
series, which is fine for your car MP3 project.  I'd suggest the fanless
533 MHz model.

Please read the mailing list archives.  It should be possible to use
some adapters to support a DiskOnChip with the EPIA board.  Etherboot can
also boot from IDE devices, including CF adapters.  Etherboot 5.2.0 can
do that without any patches (or so it would seem.)

I've found it helpful to download the entire mailing list archive (a
huge file) and use grepmail to search for answers.



On Sat, Aug 23, 2003 at 07:55:58PM +0200, Hubert Denkmair wrote:
> Hello, (second try)
> I'm planning to build my own car mp3 player on a PC basis and now found 
> out that the VIA epia boards seem to be supported by linuxbios.
> I'd love to boot my mp3 player via linuxbios to get the music playing
> asap... unfortunatly the linuxbios-docs are not very userfriendly - I
> understand that it's possible to boot the epia boards via etherboot, but
> can i also load a kernel from IDE devices, e.g. a compact flash card
> mounted into a IDE compact flash drive?
> If not - is there any other way to load a linux-kernel really FAST in a
> EPIA standalone (car-) system?
> Would you recommand a special board, such as the EPIA-V8000, or are they
> all working well?
> Thanks a lot for your help,

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