Floppy drives and Linux BIOS

Adam Agnew agnew at cs.umd.edu
Mon Aug 11 03:01:01 CEST 2003

I'm confused. What's your question? If you could use the same floppy image
on a series of machines, with some running their normal bios and at least
one running linuxbios?

If that is your question, then I would say yes. If you make the kernel
image on the floppy with linuxbios support. And if you can't change the
kernel image, then you could use ADLO/Bochs to implement the same BIOS
services that you would have on a commercial BIOS.

- Adam Agnew

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Gregg C Levine wrote:

> Hello from Gregg C Levine
> Here's a question that's definitely going to keep me up nights. Can a
> properly configured and working Linux BIOS image, boot something else
> via the floppy drive, in this case a normal 3.5 drive setup as the A
> drive?
> Well at least from the point of view of the motherboard with its
> original BIOS, it would be setup as the A drive. Basically our friends
> at FSMLabs market the RTLinux kits. They also make available the same
> thing under the GPL license, I still haven't figured if there is a
> loss of functionality between the two. At some point they were working
> on a floppy drive sized version of the product.
> Before committing to having a working Linux BIOS image based on it,
> what I am leaning towards is having the chosen image boot the floppy
> drive sized version, and then facilitate whatever tests I, (or my
> staff), have in mind. Probably between two or more machines, with one
> of them being the lucky one with the working Linux BIOS image on it,
> in place of the commodity BIOS. I suspect they all would need to be
> the same machine for this to work. And of course the company
> unofficially tells me that they have actually discontinued work on
> this floppy drive sized version of their product. So far, I can't seem
> to get them to tell me why.
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