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Adam Agnew agnew at
Sun Aug 10 20:53:00 CEST 2003

> David Barr wrote:
> > I have access to a fairly largish supply of A22-M series, and as
> >
> >president of my local student ACM chapter (named Beta Iota Tau,
> >
> >nerdily enough) am desparately searching for more projects for the
> >
> >upcoming  semester/year.
> >
> >

Also take a look at the flash. If it's soldered on, you'll need to have a
socket put on before you should dare trying to flash it. Use one laptop to
get a working image, then you can flash the rest with their flash still
soldered on. Also, put a layer of foam under the keyboard for when you lay
it down in its socket in order to be able to turn the laptop on. The
underside of those keyboards is metal and can short out the motherboard. I
never thought to look and learned that lesson the hard way, one dead
T23. Let me know if you need to find a place to have a socket put on for
the flash.

- Adam Agnew

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