DoC on EPIA-M with DIP2PLCC adapter -- instead of 256kbyte bios chip

Roger rogerxxmaillist at
Sat Aug 9 08:33:01 CEST 2003

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 01:32, Niki Waibel wrote:
> >> does that 2001 fit into a DIP socket?
> > 
> > DIP32
> on the m-systems website:
> there is only the DiskOnChip 2000 which is in a
> DIP socket.
> are you really sure that that type would not work
> in the bios?
> is it the 8mbyte DoC millennium (not millennium plus)
> which would work (MD2800-D08) and which you call 2001?
> could you explain why a DiskOnChip2000 (ie MD-2202-D128-V3)
> cannot be used as bios chip?
> niki

DOC Millennium 8MB Module MD2802-D08 
EMJ America Inc
Part No. 1MML8MB

32 Pin w/ handle ARIES Zif socket (~$14 ea)
Stock No. 535-32-6554-11
Bin No. 94-68G1

DIP-32 256K X8 120NS Atmel Flash Memory (~$4 ea)
Stock No. 556-AT29C02012PC
Bin No. F0-59J8

Mouser, EMJ, Digikey all have online catalogs (in pdf format) and can be
easily searched via (i prefer to use



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