Embedded Linux Systems book

John Hearns jhearns at micromuse.com
Fri Aug 8 06:19:00 CEST 2003

Over the weekend I went to the UKUUG Linux Developers Conference in 
Lots of great stuff, including a tutorial by Stephen Tweedie and a BOF 
we had on clusters and
filesystems. Plus whisky and visits to the Festival Fringe :-)
I gave a presentation on mini-ITX systems, sadly though I didn't run 

Josette Garcia from OReilly UK had her usual stand, with lots of 
tempting books.
As usual, I could not resist adding to my collection.
I bought the new 'Building Embedded Linux Systems'  
Reading it on the train journey back home, I tought it is an excellent 
Lots of information on DoC, CompactFlash, filesystems -CRAMFS, JFFS2 
etc. and their characteristics,
methods of booting and creating bootable CFS, programming BIOSes.
Could give people good information on DoC etc.

All in all, I would reccomend this book, as there are good general 
sections on the various architectures
Linux runs on, and also an appendix discussing binary-only drivers, and 
Linus' attitude to them.

BTW, was it in this book that I read that from 2.5 kernels Linux will 
run on MMU-less 68000 CPUs?
Time to dust down my old copy of "68000 Assembly Language Programming" 
from yea long ago...

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