ADLO Video is up

Adam Sulmicki adam at
Wed Apr 30 21:03:00 CEST 2003

> > can you just diasable/remove debug patch and see what happen? i actually
> > never used that patch.
> Thats what it was.  I commented out SERIAL_DEBUG and now I have text on
> my monitor.  Dude this is COOL.

Sweet. That makes 3hrs to get ADLO to work. A new record I suppose :-)

(but the truth is that it depends how much trouble is the vga bios).

> Ok... Now.  This board is a multi-head board so there are actually 2
> 69000 on the PCI bus.  I also need to init the second chip as well.

> The way we did this under General software was to activate chip 2. run
> bios.  Deactivate chip 2.  Activate chip 1 and then re run the bios.

> Would I have to do such a thing for BOCHS as well or is there a better
> way.

well, I don't see much problem doing this way. the bochs code is fairly
"user friendly". Shouldn't be hard to do, especially that you already did
that before.

But then maybe someone else knows better way?
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