Random comments on LinuxBIOS

Alexander Amelkin spirit at reactor.ru
Fri Apr 18 01:39:00 CEST 2003

Hello James,

Friday, April 18, 2003, 1:16:54 AM, you wrote:

MJWC> ...
>> > Compact Flash IDE adaptors appear to be popular as the CF 
>> does not need the spin up time of a real hard disk.

>> Is there some kind of patch available for the kernel which 
>> can be applied to
>> achieve the above point.

MJWC> Using any one of the IDE boot methods should just plain work.
MJWC> What were you wanting to patch?

I think Deepak wants a patch for disabling the LinuxBIOS hard-coded IDE spinup
delay. I issued a patch for that some time ago. You may want to search
the archive.

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