Random comments on LinuxBIOS

McMechan, James W CIV james.mcmechan at navy.mil
Thu Apr 17 16:45:01 CEST 2003

> > Compact Flash IDE adaptors appear to be popular as the CF 
> does not need
> the spin up time of a real hard disk. Very short boot times 
> of ~3-10 seconds
> are     claimed for this configuration also.
> >
> Is there some kind of patch available for the kernel which 
> can be applied to
> achieve the above point.
> I am using 2.4.18-3 kernel, please let me know.
> Regards
> Deepak
I am not quite clear on what you are asking.

The Compact Flash in a CF->IDE adaptor should look exactly like a very very fast hard disk that does not require spinup time.

Using any one of the IDE boot methods should just plain work.

What were you wanting to patch?

The boot process after the kernel is loaded and running can be speeded up with better boot scripts "serel" from www.fastboot.org has been mentioned as helping RedHat style startup scripts.

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