Suggested mechanism of burning a LinuxBIOS on FLASH ROMS

Deepak Kotian dkotian3 at
Wed Apr 9 15:08:00 CEST 2003

Thanks Eric.
I have a spare FLASH ROM.
Could you please elaborate on the process of "hot swap", is it that I
can replace the FLASH ROM with the corrupted one with
the backup flash ROM, then once it boots up, I can just replace the
corrupted FLASH ROM while the O.S. is up and burn the
backed up bios from the harddisk onto the corrupted FLAH ROMS.
Is this correct and feasible, please elaborate..

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> "Deepak Kotian" <dkotian3 at> writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> >     This may be a very basic simple question, but I do not know a very
> > answer/solution
> >
> >     to do this.
> >
> >     If I want to burn LinuxBIOS, I can use the burn_mtd script , it may
write it
> >
> >     successfully as well, but if linuxbios is not correctly built. I
cannot get
> > the
> >
> >     any O.S started on this machine, which means I would need to replace
> >     BIOS FLASH ROM with a one with proper BIOS and bring up the machine.
> >     Is there a way I can re-program the old BIOS on to the corrupted
> >
> >     Please note,I do not have a PLC or any kind of FLASH programmer with
me. Can
> >
> >     I do without it.
> Usually it is recommeded for bootstraping and development that you either
> have a spare rom chip, which you can hot swap in to flash, or that you
> an external burner.
> Eric

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