[COMMIT] upx E7500 etc

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at lnxi.com
Fri Oct 25 23:57:00 CEST 2002

I have committed so many files today I can barely track what I am
doing.  The result is that all of my oustanding code has now been
pushed to the LinuxBIOS tree.  So the supermicro/p4dpr and
supermicro/p4dpe should now be stable ports of linuxBIOS.  I would say
so in the status file, but there isn't a single one in the whole tree.

Things other people will notice.  The upx compressor code was
integrated and is on by default.  So you will get smaller linuxbios
rom images. I accomplished this by explicitly factoring linuxbios into
a C part that runs in ram and an assembly part that runs directly out
of flash.  The seperation was there before but now it is explicit.
This greatly simplifies the linker scripts, so we are actually less
likely to run into LD bugs now than before.

The config option is CONFIG_COMPRESS if you want to turn it off.

Other things of note.  cmos.conf was renamed cmos.layout to reduce
confusion.  And a new checksum entry was added to the LinuxBIOS table
so external programs can find the checksum that protects the LinuxBIOS

My code has been synced with the changes Steve James made for the
Clearwater port.

There are microcode updates in the tree, and some other cpu fixups
for the pentium 4.

Have fun, and hopefully nothing broke except the p4dc6, as they way
it utilized the cache as ram trick depended on the muddy watters
between code that ran in rom and ram.  The code is fixable, if I turn
off compression.  It just requires a little magic to find the cache as
ram entry point...


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