[COMMIT] upx E7500 etc

steven james pyro at linuxlabs.com
Sat Oct 26 11:44:00 CEST 2002


I just tried an update/build/test for Clearwater and all is well there
(except that slow spot check I still can't explain).


On 25 Oct 2002, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> I have committed so many files today I can barely track what I am
> doing.  The result is that all of my oustanding code has now been
> pushed to the LinuxBIOS tree.  So the supermicro/p4dpr and
> supermicro/p4dpe should now be stable ports of linuxBIOS.  I would say
> so in the status file, but there isn't a single one in the whole tree.
> Things other people will notice.  The upx compressor code was
> integrated and is on by default.  So you will get smaller linuxbios
> rom images. I accomplished this by explicitly factoring linuxbios into
> a C part that runs in ram and an assembly part that runs directly out
> of flash.  The seperation was there before but now it is explicit.
> This greatly simplifies the linker scripts, so we are actually less
> likely to run into LD bugs now than before.
> The config option is CONFIG_COMPRESS if you want to turn it off.
> Other things of note.  cmos.conf was renamed cmos.layout to reduce
> confusion.  And a new checksum entry was added to the LinuxBIOS table
> so external programs can find the checksum that protects the LinuxBIOS
> options.
> My code has been synced with the changes Steve James made for the
> Clearwater port.
> There are microcode updates in the tree, and some other cpu fixups
> for the pentium 4.
> Have fun, and hopefully nothing broke except the p4dc6, as they way
> it utilized the cache as ram trick depended on the muddy watters
> between code that ran in rom and ram.  The code is fixable, if I turn
> off compression.  It just requires a little magic to find the cache as
> ram entry point...
> Eric
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