PIC question. (fwd)

Adam Sulmicki adam at cfar.umd.edu
Wed Oct 23 20:58:00 CEST 2002

> I don't quite understand your question, but LinuxBIOS does program
> the PIC to map IRQ 0-15 to INT 0x20-0x30. So the keyboard interrupt
> (IRQ 1) is routed to INT0x21. This is how Linux does for its interrupt
> handling.

yes, but I'm trying to add support to "legacy applications" (such as
Windows XP) to LinuxBIOS. for example right now I can run unmodified lilo
from linuxbios with all its bios interrupts calls, and lilo is able to
start some other application.

but weirdly enough the keyboard is not working under lilo.

as far as I can tell the PIC gets reprogrammed by bios to remap
the IRQ1 to INT 0x09, yet I still do not get the interrupt 9
tiggered. So I'm sort of lost as to why.

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