PIC question. (fwd)

ollie lho ollie at sis.com.tw
Wed Oct 23 21:24:01 CEST 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 09:20, Adam Sulmicki wrote:
> > I don't quite understand your question, but LinuxBIOS does program
> > the PIC to map IRQ 0-15 to INT 0x20-0x30. So the keyboard interrupt
> > (IRQ 1) is routed to INT0x21. This is how Linux does for its interrupt
> > handling.
> yes, but I'm trying to add support to "legacy applications" (such as
> Windows XP) to LinuxBIOS. for example right now I can run unmodified lilo
> from linuxbios with all its bios interrupts calls, and lilo is able to
> start some other application.
> but weirdly enough the keyboard is not working under lilo.
> as far as I can tell the PIC gets reprogrammed by bios to remap
> the IRQ1 to INT 0x09, yet I still do not get the interrupt 9
> tiggered. So I'm sort of lost as to why.

Is it possible that your BIOS reprogrammed the keyboard controller
in the wrong way ??


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