booting elf from ROM

ollie lho ollie at
Tue Nov 19 03:02:01 CET 2002

On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 12:56, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:
> I've managed to get all the way to jmp_to_elf_entry(), but I have run in to a 
> snag in the assembly code which copies LinuxBIOS in to high memory and then 
> attempts to continue execution up there.
> At line 130 of arch/i386/boot/boot.c the code attempts to jump to the next 
> instruction in its new home.  (the jmp EAX).  When tracing through it in 
> bochs, however, the EAX just points to the next instruction (in low memory, 
> where it was executing before).
> The copy moves 0x12fab dwords (304kb?) from 0x04000 to 0x3fbb4154 (what on 
> earth does this address represent?!)

Can you send us the "objdump -p" of your ELF file ??


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