ide kernel loading

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Fri Nov 8 16:01:01 CET 2002

>  It also seems to be
> easier to load the kernel from the hard drive, instead of loading a
> kernel from the flash, then having that kernel load the kernel from the
> hard drive.  If I can load the kernel from the hard drive, then how do I
> get the kernel to the hard drive.  Does it need its own partition.
>  Maybe I could make a small raw partition at the beginning of the drive,
> and the rest of the root file system on another partition behind the raw
> one.  Any thoughts?
> John

This is what I do, using a CF instead of an HDD.  You need to skip over the
partition table, which is hardcoded in /src/rom/ide_fill_inbuf.c at 0x7e00
(63 * 512).  I had to set this to 32*512 for my CF.  I also had to fumble
with the hard coded delays a bit too.  You can make a small partition for
the kernel and a larger one for the rootfs, so the kernel is just cat'ed or
dd'ed raw to /dev/hda1 for example, and the rootfs is in /dev/hda2.

I'd be happy to provide other details as I have booted from both floppy,
ide0, and from ide2 with rootfs on ide0.  But all of this requires a little
massaging of the codebase.


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