VIA EPIA - Trying to get it built

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at
Fri Nov 8 01:14:00 CET 2002

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Andrew Ip wrote:

> > I found that in my Makefile, which was generated without error by 
> > /, the path for two files is just /../freebios/mainboard.c and 
> > /../freebios/irq_tables.c 
> > Aren't they supposed to be at 
> > /../freebios/src/mainboard/via/epia/mainboard.c and 
> > /../freebios/src/mainboard/via/epia/irq_tables.c? 

This looks a lot like the paths have not been set for the mainboard files. 

See what the path for mainboard.c is in the Makefile.


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