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Sat Nov 9 14:11:01 CET 2002

>> I found that in my Makefile, which was generated without error by 
>> /, the path for two files is just /../freebios/mainboard.c and 
>> /../freebios/irq_tables.c 
>> Aren't they supposed to be at 
>> /../freebios/src/mainboard/via/epia/mainboard.c and 
>> /../freebios/src/mainboard/via/epia/irq_tables.c? 
Andrew Ip wrote:
>That's right.  irq_tables.c and mainboard.c should be at
OK, I didn't think anything had to be moved but that was just one way for me to get the make all the way through.

>What about your linuxbios config file?  Are you using the example.config in
>epia's dir?
My config file, at the time of the error, was /../freebios/src/mainboard/via/epia/Config.

What's the deal with the one with the name Config?

Now, I have successfully gotten past the make of object files by switching to the example.config you're talking about. There are other problems though....

When doing just a make this is the error:
objcopy -O binary -R .note -R .comment -S  linux.bin
objcopy: linux.bin: No such file or directory
make: *** [linux.bin] Error 1

So, I decide to see if this happens for another mainboard. So I created another environment to build another mainboard and chose PC-Chips M810LR since Antony Stone has written one of the most recent documents about building. I follow the document and get the exact same error!

It must be my environment since I doubt another mainboard's make has the same problem.

Is it because I need to have the environment variable LINUX pointing somewhere? It's blank when I "echo $LINUX".

I built linux 2.4.19 but didn't patch since there are no patches in the /mainboard/via/epia directory. Also I never saw instructions that say to set the env var for LINUX. Yes, I'm probably showing some of my ignorance but I'm trying to follow instructions as provided. I did notice in the M810LR writeup that this kernel is the one to boot to, not the one to use for LinuxBIOS. So, how where's the Linux "kernel" for LinuxBIOS kept? Have I missed something in the documentation?

Andrew Ip, which kernel went into your LinuxBIOS? I'm just trying to get caught up with where you were at with epia booting and your last listed issue with irq_tables.

My build environment is 2.4.18-17.7.x (A patched RedHat 7.3 distro). Any bearing on my problems?

I got the kernel source from and it is 2.4.19 which is the version I will want to have on my IDE device (either HD or CompactFlash). If I have to change build environments I'll deal with it.

Also, just so that whoever is helping me through knows where I'm trying to get to... I want to create just a boot ROM to boot Linux from IDE. I'm not looking to do any DOC stuff, ATPT. What is the file that I should be looking for to flashing my BIOS? Probably romimage? I suspect I can do the Award BIOS Flash PLCC pull and put in a brand new ST M29F002BT. Any special recommendations for getting this operation to work? Changes to which config file, etc.? Do I have to do "make floppy"? - It looks like it only puts the romimage on floppy, so where's the flashing program? The floppy should be M$-DO$ formatted as bootable before putting the romimage to it, right?

I feel pretty ignorant. Not stupid, just ignorant.

A long list of questions and observations but the answers will go a long way to bringing me into the LinuxBIOS fold, I hope!

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