Nicholas Mistry nick-linuxbios at
Mon Nov 4 19:31:01 CET 2002

I am looking finding alternatives to having a physical harddrive in my
machine, i was wondering if anyone here has experience w/ either of the
following.  My goal is to boot LinuxBIOS out of flash, and then Linux off
a Solid State Devices.

ATA-Disk Module SST58SM128

or similar from Apacer

Currently i am using CF w/ an ATA -> IDE adapter.  I have not found a way
to write protect my CF data.

as a side note..

I am still looking into the DOC option for the EPIA motherboard, via has
not replied to any of my requests as to what type of chips are supported
on the DOC PAD on the EPIA-800e motherboard.   Anyone know more about



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