Two possible boards...

Nathanael Noblet nathanael at
Mon Nov 4 17:59:00 CET 2002

	I'm interested in working on a couple boards. One is a sis530 and the 
other an intel 430VX. I have the cvs code checked out today. What I am 
really unsure of is how to proceed. I have a data/spec sheet on the 
sis530 (and its onboard 3d video card). But I look at the source tree 
and there are SO many empty directories and such. Is there some kind of 
how-to on where to start to get a board supported? I'm really at a 
loss. What code needs to be written so that a particular board works? I 
realize that that is a pretty open ended question. I just don't know 
where to start in a project like this.

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