[SerialICE] an idea

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 05:55:39 CET 2009

serialice lets you get very far in the debug process. At some point,
one needs to take the plunge and try "the real thing".

But, on a board with soldered-on flash, this is a one-way trip.

Or maybe not.

What if we could do this: put serialice in the boot block, i.e. as the
"fallback", and put a test bios in as the "normal". Serialice could
have the capability to flash the "normal". Serialice could also be
directed to start the "normal" bios for testing purposes.

Then, I could on my 1580s do test bios images, secure in knowing that
I can always fall back to serialice and recover. Possibly we could
have serialice be an "external programmer" for flashrom!



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