[SeaBIOS] [BUG?] SeaBIOS memcpy copies only 0x04 bytes instead of 0x8c

Mike Banon mikebdp2 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 21:58:14 CET 2018

I am trying to copy a structure romfile_s from one location to another
by memcpy (before the booting stage), but struggling with a weird
problem. My memcpy arguments - memcpy(void *d1, const void *s1, size_t
len) :

d1 (destination) = 0x000f4d34
s1 (source) = 0x07f3f610
len (size) = 0x0000008c

Expected results: all 0x8c bytes are copied
Actual results: only the first 0x04 copied

Confirmed by dprintf printing the contents after memcpy:

source[0x0] = 0x07f3f6e0 || destination[0x0] = 0x07f3f6e0
source[0x4] = 0xff03a9c0 || destination[0x4] = 0x00000000
source[0x8] = 0x00000000 || destination[0x8] = 0x00000000
source[0xc] = 0x6c796170 || destination[0xc] = 0xa4908b65
source[0x10] = 0xff02f388 || destination[0x10] = 0x20525450
source[0x88] = 0x0ff81184 || destination[0x88] = 0xa4908b65

This code is being executed inside memcpy: (common case route)

void *d = d1;
// Common case - use 4-byte copy
len /= 4;
asm volatile(
    "rep movsl (%%esi),%%es:(%%edi)"
    : "+c"(len), "+S"(s1), "+D"(d)
    : "m" (__segment_ES) : "cc", "memory");
return d1;

Is there a hidden bug, or I should be using another memcpy_ function
to copy from 0x07f3f610 to 0x000f4d34 , like memcpy_far ? ( however,
if indeed the wrong function, why is it working for the first 0x04
bytes while shouldn't be working at all ? )

P.S. also I've tried copying it manually instead of memcpy() - by 4
bytes using for() cycle with (0x8c/4) = 23 iterations. It works but
SeaBIOS quickly freezes after that, which probably means it is
incorrect substitution for some reason

Best regards,
Mike Banon

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