[SeaBIOS] A20: ahci_process_op is called with A20 off

Xu, Anthony anthony.xu at intel.com
Tue May 9 22:39:07 CEST 2017

Hi All,

I recently met an issue, I can't boot my centos guest in below scenarios.

I disabled kvmvapic by

diff --git a/hw/intc/apic_common.c b/hw/intc/apic_common.c
index c3829e3..52be2b0 100644
--- a/hw/intc/apic_common.c
+++ b/hw/intc/apic_common.c
@@ -440,7 +440,7 @@ static const VMStateDescription vmstate_apic_common = {
 static Property apic_properties_common[] = {
     DEFINE_PROP_UINT8("version", APICCommonState, version, 0x14),
     DEFINE_PROP_BIT("vapic", APICCommonState, vapic_control, VAPIC_ENABLE_BIT,
-                    true),
+                    false),
     DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("legacy-instance-id", APICCommonState, legacy_instance_id,

I run Qemu in TCG mode

./x86_64-softmmu/qemu-system-x86_64 -bios /home/root/git/seabios/out/bios.bin -machine q35 
 -m 1G -drive format=raw,file=/home/root/images/centos7.2.img,if=ide,index=0 -nographic
 -nodefaults  -serial stdio -monitor pty

It can't boot with below message,
Booting from Hard Disk...
WARNING - Timeout at ahci_command:154!
Boot failed: could not read the boot disk

enter handle_18:
Booting from Floppy...
Boot failed: could not read the boot disk

Once I add kvmvapic , it can boot.

I dig into seebios code, and found ahci_process_op is called with A20 off,

The call trace is,

call32_smm calls call32_prep, but because the method is C16_SMM, A20 is not enabled in call32_prep.
ahci_process_op is called with A20 off.

ahci_process_op accesses memory mapped IO to operate ahci, the IO is mapped to 0xfebff000, 
because a20 is disabled,  the bit 20 of 0xfebff000 is set 0 , which is 0xfeaff000, 
an iotlb entry mapping 0xfebff000 to 0xfeaff000 is added to iotlb cache. So ahci_process_op actually
accesses 0xfeaff000, it obviously won't work.


    pte = pte & env->a20_mask;

Why does guest boot with kvmvapic?
In above scenario, there is no option roms.
After adding kvmvapic, there is one option rom kvmvapic rom, and __callrom is called for kvmvapic rom.
__callrom->farcall16big-> call16_override,

once call16_override is called, a20 is enabled and will not be disabled.
So ahci_process_op is called with a20 on.

I tried below change,  guest can boot without kvmvapic. I'm not familiar with seabios code, 
I don't consider it as a patch, but it proves my analysis is correct. With the change, __call32 calls
call32_prep with method  C16_BIG to enable a20 before calling ahci_process_op.

please help fix this issue.


diff --git a/src/stacks.c b/src/stacks.c
index ef6a707..0949652 100644
--- a/src/stacks.c
+++ b/src/stacks.c
@@ -232,10 +237,11 @@ u32 VISIBLE16
 __call32(void *func, u32 eax, u32 errret)
-    if (CONFIG_CALL32_SMM && GET_GLOBAL(HaveSmmCall32))
-        return call32_smm(func, eax);
+//    if (CONFIG_CALL32_SMM && GET_GLOBAL(HaveSmmCall32))
+//        return call32_smm(func, eax);
     // Jump direclty to 32bit mode - this clobbers the 16bit segment
     // selector registers.

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