[SeaBIOS] Boot menu key does not work with config options threads set to 2

Paul Menzel pmenzel at molgen.mpg.de
Thu Jan 26 16:30:12 CET 2017

Dear SeaBIOS folks,

On the ASRock E350M1 with coreboot and SeaBIOS, setting the runtime 
config option `threads` to 2, I am unable to press the boot menu key 
(ESC). [1]

> By default, SeaBIOS will parallelize hardware initialization during bootup to reduce boot time. Multiple hardware devices can be initialized in parallel between vga initialization and option rom initialization. One can set this file to a value of zero to force hardware initialization to run serially. Alternatively, one can set this file to 2 to enable early hardware initialization that runs in parallel with vga, option rom initialization, and the boot menu.

My rotating hard drive is pretty slow, and SeaBIOS is waiting for that.

Not adding `etc/threads` to CBFS, pressing the key works, and the boot 
menu is displayed.

Is that the expected behavior?

Kind regards,


[1] https://www.seabios.org/Runtime_config

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