[SeaBIOS] [PATCH] QEMU DMA: Add ability to write back to fw_cfg file

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Mon Jan 23 14:21:34 CET 2017


> > Hopefully I’ve addressed all of your concerns.  I’m curious now, how is
> > this kind of thing typically phased with QEMU changes?  I’m working on
> > getting the QEMU side of things submitted, but for it to work
> > standalone, the embedded binary SeaBIOS image needs to be updated.  Who
> > typically builds and inserts the new binary in to the QEMU code tree?
> Usually the QEMU side of the changes is committed first. The matching
> SeaBIOS code is committed second, with the SeaBIOS commit message
> referencing the QEMU commit. The next SeaBIOS release is usually planned
> so it can make the next QEMU soft freeze. Gerd rebuilds the bundled
> SeaBIOS binaries for QEMU, and they go into the QEMU release like any
> other commit.

> (CC'ing Gerd so he can correct me if necessary).

Fully correct.  I guess in this specific case we'll go cherry-pick this
change from master into 1.10-stable and cut a 1.10.2 release from it for
qemu 2.9.

FYI: you can update the roms/seabios submodule, then run "make -C roms
bios" to rebuild seabios locally for testing purposes.


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