[SeaBIOS] Error while compiling Seabios for Arch Linux ARM

XJDHDR derauville.xavier at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 16:49:39 CET 2016

>> Greetings
>> I am currently trying to compile Seabios for Arch Linux ARM and I've
>> encountered an error during the compilation ‎
>SeaBIOS implements an x86 legacy BIOS. As such, it requires an x86
>compiler. So, you need to either compile on an x86 machine or setup
>and use an x86 cross compilation toolchain.

Thank you for the response Kevin. Correct me if I'm wrong but won't x86 binaries not work on an ARM system as ARM processors don't understand x86. 

I am attempting to get QEMU compiled and working on my ARM system and SeaBIOS is a dependency ‎for QEMU, hence my need to have the former compiled for ARM. Do you know if QEMU on ARM is okay with SeaBIOS' binaries being x86? If so, I think this will make things a lot easier for me. 

Kind regards 
Xavier de Rauville

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