[SeaBIOS] [RFC PATCH v2] fw/pci: Add support for mapping Intel IGD OpRegion via QEMU

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Wed Feb 3 10:04:08 CET 2016


> +static void intel_igd_opregion_setup(struct pci_device *dev, void *arg)
> +{
> +    struct romfile_s *file = romfile_find("etc/igd-opregion");

Is it possible to have multiple igd devices in a single machine?
So, should we include the pci address in the file name?

Guess not needed, it's chipset graphics after all ...

> +    pci_config_writel(bdf, 0xFC, cpu_to_le32((u32)opregion));

Looks a bit funny in code which is never ever going to run on big endian
machines ;)

Patch looks good to me.


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